Power Generation Where You Need It



Whether it’s the oil and gas business, mining, or utilities, IDS can provide reliable power rental solutions with a proven platform and the strength of proven power generation experts. Browse our industrial diesel generators and natural gas generators below.


Generator Specifications

20kW 47 1.53 78" X 32" 2,400
30kW 56 2.08 96" X 44" 3,600
60kW 149 4.27 144" X 44" 4,900
100kW 190 7.2 124" X 74" 5,800
125kW 223 9 165" X 45" 10,000
200kW 306 14 158" X 44" 14,000
300kW 470 20 200" X 61" 17,000
400kW 470 25 200" X 61" 17,000
500kW 660 30 20' X 8' 32,000
750kW 1,250 55 40' X 8' 39,000
1,000kW 1,250 70 40' X 8' 49,000
1,250kW 1,250 95 40' X 8' 50,000
1,500kW 1,250 95 40' X 8' 59,000
1,750kW 1,250 127 40' X 8' 64,000
2,000kW 1,250 127 40' X 8' 89,000




Industrial Drying Solutions provides power generators for commercial and industrial projects. Whether your needs are inside your facility or at a construction site, we can deliver industrial generator rental equipment for your application with 24/7/365 support. IDS offers a wide range of diesel-powered generators in sizes ranging from 20kW to 2,000kW in single units and up to 1000MW in large power project installations. In addition, we can supply gas generators from 140kW to 1475kW in single units. Our rental solutions include:

  • Remote Monitoring Capability
  • Simultaneous Dual Voltage 208/480 Volt Outputs
  • Paralleling Capabilities
  • Utility Grade Units Available to Synchronize with the Grid
  • Tier 4 Compliant Units
  • 24-Hour On-Board Fuel Supply
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • Electronic Governors
  • Auto Start Ready for Back-Up Power
  • Trailer or Skid Mounted
  • 24/7/365 Service

Contact IDS today for your primary or backup power needs.

Industries and Applications Served


Construction projects require adequate heating, cooling, dehumidification and power generation to stay on track and mitigate interruptions and losses.

Emergency Restoration

We are here 24/7/365 to respond quickly to your planned or unplanned emergency needs.

Food & Beverage

Good air quality is vital to ensure quality of your products in the food & beverage industry.

Grow Facilities

IDS provides custom engineered solutions to deliver precise, environmental conditions for optimal plant growth.


Industrial Drying Solution's specializes in temperature control and power generation rentals.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our technical experts at Industrial Drying Solutions can design a rental solution to meet your needs.


Pharmaceutical distribution centers, manufactures and medical facilities rely on a consistent and stable climate to preserve medical equipment.

Surface Prep & Coating

Industrial Drying Solutions provides engineered solutions to control the temperature and the humidity so your coating project can proceed without concern.

The Strength of Proven Power Generation Experts

IDS provides power generator rentals to a global customer base across multiple industries. The units can be shipped by air, sea, rail or truck and offer rapid setup, and superior reliability and operating costs, compared to reciprocating units.

Whether it’s the oil and gas business, mining or utilities, Industrial Drying Solutions can provide reliable power with a proven platform and the strength of proven power generation experts.

Industrial Drying Solutions can supply emergency generator rentals.