Power Distribution

A Complete Line of Distribution Equipment


Industrial Power Distribution Equipment

IDS specializes in custom-packaged industrial power distribution equipment for our clients. IDS offers a range of equipment to safely and reliably distribute electricity for your project applications to ensure your power systems avoid unwanted risks. Please see below for our line of industrial power distribution equipment.


I-Line Panels

Can be customized with a breaker configuration that meets your needs.

  • 400 AMP I-Line Panel
  • 600 AMP I-Line Panel
  • 800 AMP I-Line Panel
  • 1200 AMP I-Line Panel
  • 2000 AMP I-Line Panel
  • 3000 AMP I-Line Panel

Auxiliary Distribution

  • Variety of Breaker Panels
  • QBS Receptacles
  • Cable Ramps
  • Variety of Multi Conductor Cables

Manual Transfer Switch

  • 400 AMP Manual Transfer Switch
  • 800 AMP Manual Transfer Switch
  • 1200 AMP Manual Transfer Switch
  • 2000 AMP Manual Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch

  • 150 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 300 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 400 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 600 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 800 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 1600 AMP Auto Transfer Switch
  • 3000 AMP Auto Transfer Switch

Disconnect Switch

  • 800 AMP Disconnect Switch
  • 1200 AMP Disconnect Switch
  • 2000 AMP Disconnect Switch
  • 3000 AMP Disconnect Switch

Motor Starter

  • 3-15HP Motor Starter
  • 15-60HP Motor Starter
  • 60-200HP Motor Starter


  • Assorted Voltages
  • 45 KVA Transformer
  • 75 KVA Transformer
  • 112.5 KVA Transformer
  • 150 KVA Transformer
  • 300 KVA Transformer
  • 500 KVA Transformer
  • 750 KVA Transformer
  • 1000 KVA Transformer
  • 1500 KVA Transformer
  • 2500 KVA Transformer
  • 3500 KVA Transformer


  • Neutral Grounding Resistors

Common Bus Enclosures

  • 6000-12000 AMP Enclosures


  • Hi-Voltage Cable





Industrial Drying Solutions’ I-Line panels are designed to provide reliable customizable breaker configurations for your rental needs. These I-line panels will enhance safety measures by offering breaker protection and isolation capabilities for individual loads. Our panels are lightweight and easy to deploy in temporary or long-term applications. In addition, they are equipped with mechanical lugs for easy installation.


Industries and Applications Served


Construction projects require adequate heating, cooling, dehumidification and power generation to stay on track and mitigate interruptions and losses.

Emergency Restoration

We are here 24/7/365 to respond quickly to your planned or unplanned emergency needs.

Food & Beverage

Good air quality is vital to ensure quality of your products in the food & beverage industry.

Grow Facilities

IDS provides custom engineered solutions to deliver precise, environmental conditions for optimal plant growth.


Industrial Drying Solution's specializes in temperature control and power generation rentals.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Our technical experts at Industrial Drying Solutions can design a rental solution to meet your needs.


Pharmaceutical distribution centers, manufactures and medical facilities rely on a consistent and stable climate to preserve medical equipment.

Surface Prep & Coating

Industrial Drying Solutions provides engineered solutions to control the temperature and the humidity so your coating project can proceed without concern.

The Strength of Proven Power Generation Experts

IDS provides power generator rentals to a global customer base across multiple industries. The units can be shipped by air, sea, rail or truck and offer rapid setup and superior reliability and operating costs compared to reciprocating units.

Whether it’s the oil and gas business, mining or utilities, Industrial Drying Solutions can provide reliable power with a proven platform and the strength of proven power generation experts.