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IDS Serves the surface preparation and COATING Industry

Helping to solve humidity problems in a variety of industries.

Industrial Drying Solutions provides engineered solutions to control the temperature and the humidity so your coating project can proceed without concern during blasting and coating applications. This also allows the owners of these projects the benefit of longer coating life and a reduction of coating maintenance costs.

By using Industrial Drying Solutions industrial dehumidifiers and looking at the specifications of your coating project, IDS will create a climate with a 10-15-degree dew point differential which will eliminate the possibility of Flash Rusting, Blistering, reduced Bond Strength and improper Curing of Coatings.

Because there are so many things to consider to achieve the specifications to meet your project needs, our Application Specialist will use the most cost-effective equipment best suited to achieve the conditions required to make your coating project a success. Industrial Drying Solutions has wide range of equipment offerings that allows us to look at the project with several possibilities.

Industrial Drying Solutions fleet consists of Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Gas Fired Desiccant Dehumidifiers, Mechanical Dehumidifiers, Electric Heat, NG/LP Indirect Fired Heat and Air Conditioning. Industrial Drying Solutions has all the equipment to meet the year-round needs of your project and specifications.


Industrial Drying Solutions also has the equipment to meet your needs in Navy and Private Shipyards. From the hull of a ship to the flight deck, Industrial Drying Solutions will have a solution to your climate control needs. Whether it’s holding the blast or maintaining steel temperature, Industrial Drying Solutions trained, and experienced application specialist will provide you the best, cost-effective solution to meet the specifications of your project. Contact us to provide you with expert advice on equipment solution to best achieve your goals.

IDS Industrial Dehumidifier Rentals

SBDH200 was designed for permanent or temporary applications. This unit is a closed loop desiccant drying system for ship reduction gears, condensers and other critical areas in dry-dock or at sea. Can also be used in mechanical and electrical rooms, control rooms, and isolated areas where moisture is an issue. Its compact size allows it to be used deep within a ship’s hull where large desiccants aren’t an option.

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We pride ourselves on our safety record and attention to detail. We are always mindful of the overall footprint of our equipment. Whether your needs are emergency-related or scheduled, our industry experts strive to assist each customer on every job no matter how unique the situation.

IDS offers a wide range of temperature control equipment specifically designed for the industrial market. This modern fleet includes heaters, chillers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and cooling in both skid-mounted and trailer-mounted configurations. We also carry a complete line of temperature control accessories to provide turnkey solutions for your next project.

IDS HVAC rentals & Industrial Dehumidifier rentals for the surface coating industry.